This website is your gateway to the pieces of myself I choose to share with the world. Some of my photography is conventional, some of it is more abstract, and it has inspired creative textile work I’ve created from my photos. I also make hats from reclaimed fabrics, and you will find a selection of those here, as well as some that are wholly new.

Textile art, hats, photo jewelry, layered photos…

Life is too short not to pursue the things that fascinate you, and I am curious about so many things. Because of this, I am pulled in a lot of creative directions that may not make sense to anyone else. Join me?

Cover of a book entitled, Creating an Heirloom: Writing Your Family's Cookbook (updated edition) by Wendy A. Boughner Whipple. The cover is in shades of beige and tan, with a recipe box and recipes visible in the background.

I wrote how-to book for helping you organize and compile your family cookbook, based on my experiences – please, learn from my mistakes. It’s easier than you think, but also more complicated… (Any time you add more people, you complicate a project.)

6-sectioned beret in shades of rust-orange, with fabric pumpkin leaf details, a knit pumpkin stem, and a beaded coiled vine. The hat is worn by a small head mannequin against a purple and green tie-dye background. This hat is the prize for a Twitter drawing, to be held on 10/23/21.
This will be won by some lucky individual (United States entrants only) in a Twitter drawing!
HAT DETAILS: This beret is made from reclaimed materials including Merino wool, polyester (herringbone and microfibers), and cashmere. Even the lining is reclaimed. The bead detail and the elastic are the only new components – other than the thread, of course.
SIZE: The hat will fit up to size 23″ – if your not sure your hat size, check here.

Congratulations to Arielle for winning the Pumpkin Spice beret! It’s on the way to you, and I hope you enjoy it!