Chacun son chapeau: each to their own hat (style)

Soft, sewn hats (many using reclaimed material), knit hats, and reversible fabric headbands for adults and children.

Finding your band size

If you’re unsure of your band size, there are a couple of easy ways to find it. The easiest way is with a measuring tape. Facing a mirror, place the tape at the back of your head and bring it around to meet over your eyebrows (about two finger’s widths above). Pull it snug, but not tight, and note where the end marks the longer piece. 21 inches = Small, 22 inches = Medium, 23 inches = Large. (Note: other places may have other sizing guidelines, or more granular breakdowns; these are mine.)

If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use string, and measure the length of string against a ruler or yardstick, following the same instructions as above. Start out with about 26 inches of string that does not stretch for ease of measuring. (If you use something stretchy, it could alter your measurement.)

For reference, my model Josephine has about a 20.5″ band size.

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for something that is uniquely

Below is a sample of some of the pieces I’ve made for others. (For hats that are available for purchase, see the links above.) If you see somethings here, or on the other pages that aren’t quite what you’re looking for – maybe it’s the wrong color or size – I might be able to make something for you depending on my current schedule.

The Peace Rose is made in new materials with several layers of individually shaped fleece petals (my design).
A commissioned piece made from reclaimed materials from three difference sources.
This hat and the one below are my design. They are made from reclaimed materials. The one in purple tones was commissioned. It includes felted cashmere in its components.
The floral berets (above and below) both have the same basic design, with slightly different execution. The one above was made with a crown/undercrown in satin; the one below has a deeply textured undercrown in taffeta (not visible).
Above, a woven hat made from fairly-traded recycled silk sari yarn. Below, a black/neon unicorn yarn worked with acrylic yarn and polyester eyelash yarn to make it plush.