Knit Hats

Because of the way I source materials, many of these hats are one of a kind. Once I run out of a color or kind of a certain yarn, I can’t get more of it in most cases. That means that you won’t pass someone on the street with a hat just like yours! It also means that if you miss out on one you loved, you’ll have to contact me to try to make something similar, if I can.

For reference, my model Josephine has about a 20.5″ band size.

If you’re not sure about size, check here for how to find yours.

Rich red yarn, a blend of manmade and natural fibers (11.5% mohair, 11.5% wool), with tiny iridescent sequins, make this lightweight cap. It’s a loose knit, so the wind will blow right through this, but with the wool and mohair content, it’s warmer than it looks. Because of the natural fibers, be sure to handwash in cold water and lay flat to dry. One size fits most, on the smaller side of “most,” since there’s no extra room in the crown.
This pretty little skullcap is in shades of an autumn bonfire. It’s 50% wool with acrylic, so it’s soft but still has a lot of that great wool look and feel. It has a very open weave, so this is not a winter hat. Because of the wool content, this will require careful handwashing in cold water (lay flat to dry). Since this is a skullcap, it’s made to fit a smaller head. Size: Small to Medium (or Youth).
A very lightweight and open-knit skullcap, self-striping in shades of pink from lipstick to mauve. The yarn is incredibly soft, a blend of polyester, cotton and silk. It doesn’t have the “bounce” that acrylic yarns have, so to maintain its shape, this will require gentle handwashing and laying flat to dry. One size fits most (it’s a little roomier and looser-knit than the one above).
A double rainbow – what does it mean?! Knit with both rainbow bouclé yarn (20% mohair) and rainbow eyelash yarn, this highly textured and immensely colorful beanie is the soft, warm, and fuzzy hat you’ve been looking for. It is one size fits most, but on the smaller side of “most” – there’s not a lot of extra room in the crown of this beanie as there are with many of my others. $34.99
This is a closely-knit, and close-fitting cap of recycled sari ribbon yarn (sourced from a woman-owned business that pays women a fair wage to make it). It contains about 80 yards of 100% silk ribbon, and is a riot of color. The raw edges of the ribbon give it a soft, fuzzy texture, and there is no sheen like silk. Because of the materials, please hand wash carefully and dry flat. Since there is very little give to the knit, and no give to the silk, this fits a Small or Medium person, up to a 22 inch band (and it’s snug on 22″).
For the young candy corn gnome in your life! This is worked in two strands – yellow/orange acrylic, and a sparkly black nylon yarn, with a white eyelash yarn bobble at the tip. It is a close-fitting cap at the band, so this best fits a Small, or Youth size. $19.99
A three-strand yarn in butter yellow, ice blue and grass green are worked up into this cozy beanie. The fiber content includes 30% wool and 5% alpaca for warmth, and 65% acrylic for ease of care, but you should still hand wash this in cold water and dry flat. One size fits most. $34.99
Soft acrylic yarn in ombre blues is striped with black yarn twisted with a variegated blue/metallic fiber in this thick, cozy beanie. When you’re longing for the beach in the middle of winter, grab this and wear the colors of the ocean on your head. One size fits most.
This chartreuse and apple-green self-striping hat is made with thick acrylic/nylon blend yarn. The stripes swirl their way up to the crown, and you will surely turn heads in this brightly-colored hat. One size fits most.
Self-striping acrylic yarn in shades of goldenrod, teal, violet, and green make this beanie with a loopy crocheted brim, giving it a cloche-like appearance. It’s a fairly open knit, making this a better choice for spring than winter. One size fits most, on the smaller side of “most,” since there’s no extra room in the crown.
This beanie has a base yarn of thick black that is twisted with a blue ombre/silver metallic thread loopy fiber that gives this hat its magic. Fuzzy white acrylic stripes keep it from being too somber. It’s like moonlight in the middle of the ocean at midnight. One size fits most.
This will be hard to part with – the grey yarn is baby alpaca from a local farm, unbelievably soft; the pastel rainbow yarn is a blend of merino wool and New Zealand possum*, it’s so gorgeous, and blends so well with the alpaca. Together they make a very warm, very lovely and soft beanie with a heart-shaped knit. Because of the quality of the materials, this must be carefully hand washed in cold water and dried flat. One size fits most. $74.99

*NOT North American Oppossum; they are different animals.
Loosely-knit lemon-lime striped beanie with soft lemon yarn acrylic and pale lime eyelash and slub yarns (polyester and acrylic fibers). Because of the loose nature of the knit, this hat will not be particularly warm, best for fall or spring, or fun!
One size fits most.
Loosely-knit soft seafoam green acrylic yarn worked with curly eyelash yarn (variegated blues and greens) in stripes make this a fun lightweight beanie for spring or fall. One size fits most.
This girl is on fire! Every time you walk into a room, set your phone to play Keys’ “Girl on Fire” – your friends may think it’s only funny once, but wearing this hat made with yellow to fuchsia ombre yarn worked with flame orange eyelash, you will certainly look the part! A loose knit in acrylic and polyester, it’s not going to be the warmest hat you will wear, but the eyelash fibers are surprisingly plush and warm. One size fits most.
Variegated self-striping acrylic yarn in pinks and lavender are joined with soft purple eyelash yarn to make a fuzzy beanie, that’s warmer than you might suspect in spite of the openness of the knit. One size fits most. $34.99
Dayglow eyelash yarn in neon green, yellow, and orange is worked with soft yellow acrylic yarn to make this eye-popping beanie. It’s so bright, it practically sizzles! And since it’s plush, it’s also warmer than you’d expect from a lightweight hat. One size fits most. $34.99
Crisp, white eyelash yarn striped in with a muted variegated yarn (plum, olive, gold, raspberry, and cornflower) make this beanie look like a late autumn field of wildflowers covered with early frost. One size fits most. $34.99
This extra-plush unicorn hat is worked with a base acrylic yarn in grape, and two strands of eyelash yarn in light purple and violet. The mane is worked in corkscrews of variegated pinks and purples. The horn is a crocheted spiral of bright yellow with a strand of rainbow metallic braid, and lightly stuffed. There’s not a lot of extra room in the crown; this best fits a Small or Medium band size, or Youth. $74.99
Black/neon acrylic yarn worked into a bright skullcap with a spiraling overlay of soft neon green net ribbon. Wear this to a rave and have a seriously unique hat on the dance floor. (Don’t forget to hydrate – it’s an open knit, but it’s still a hat, and overheating is a thing!) One size fits most, on the smaller side of “most,” since there’s no extra room in the crown. $34.99
Open-knit in shades of blue and purple acrylic, worked with a spiral of soft neon green netting, this hat fits more like a cloche than a beanie, with its crocheted brim. It’s a fun, maybe even silly hat, but who couldn’t use more of that in their lives? Alas, due to the openness of the knit, it won’t keep you very warm. It’s best reserved for spring or fall, or because you feel like it. One size fits most.
This is a SET. Super-soft forest green bouclé acrylic forms the base of this open-knit cap worked with a soft netting in shades of tan, olive, and forest. The margins of the netting have a silver thread woven into it for just a hint of sparkle. The matching scarf is a double spiral is 67 inches long. The colors sort of call to mind “camouflage,” but I think it feels more like “forest floor.” One size fits most. $49.99
Silk chiffon ribbon yarn is worked with goldenrod merino wool to make this one of a kind brimmed hat. The brim is about 2-1/2 inches deep. The chiffon ribbon is from a source that pays local woman fair wages to recycle old saris into yarn. It’s a packable, crushable hat, great for sunny spring or fall days. It should be hand washed in cold water and dried with the brim flat. Due to the chiffon, there’s not a lot of “give” to the knit; it will best fit a size Small. $74.99

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