“Raindrops on Roses”

My photographs are often nature-inspired. From the stark beauty of a dead tree to the intimate interior of a flower to the powerful majesty of a waterfall, the natural world holds secrets and wonders that never cease to awe and amaze me.

But Nature, in Her magnificence, is often chaotic. (If you know your Greek mythology, Chaos was the original goddess who gave birth to the Cosmic Egg.) Most humans seek a state of order, and we are natural pattern-seekers. I like to take some of my photos, and digitally manipulate them and end up with something that looks a little like what you’d see through a kaleidoscope. I call them “Shattered Photos.” Not every photo works, and not every outcome is a smashing (ha!) success, but when it does work, I find the results to be almost hypnotic in the mandalas they form.

Some of the Shattered Photos lend themselves to yet another form of manipulation, a three dimensional art form called paper tole. Due to the fragile nature of these, the Layered Photos are already matted and framed.

I have conventional photography and Shattered Photos prints, matted to 8×10 (print is 5×7) and 11×14 (print is 8×10) inch. Watermarks do not appear on prints.

Also see the Textile Art page, featuring art that uses many Shattered Photo designs (and a couple of conventional ones), and the Photo Jewelry page, that does as well. For an option that has multiple designs in one prepackaged set, visit the Photo Cards page.

I have many of my photo designs (and others!) available at Spoonflower: