Reversible Headbands

Reversible headbands are available in two sizes – adult (with a stretch to about 24 inches) and child (with a stretch to about 22 inches). Most of them are 100% cotton but a few have other fabrics. (Wash in cold water, hang to dry.)

The flowers they come with are individually cut and the petals singed to prevent fraying, and sewn together by hand. Each one is unique, many with vintage buttons. Extra flowers are available, and I may be able to accommodate specific color combinations by request.

The adult sizes are going to be most comfortable at 22-23 inches (measure from the nape of your neck to the crown of your head, where your headband would lie), if your measurement is greater than 23 inches, contact me before you purchase the headband you’re interested in so I can double-check the stretch on that specific one. I might be able to put a longer piece of elastic in it to accommodate your need, or I can make a new headband just for you!

Individual headbands are $19.99, plus shipping/handling. Sets are priced as indicated.

Ophelia models a reversible headband

Adult Headbands

Brown and tan with red accents, the maps side celebrates your wanderlust, while the metallic gold side definitely highlights a love of bling.

Golden yellow and rusty orange batik on one side, cheery yellow and orange zigzag stripes on the other.
Diana, Princess of Themyscira – AKA Wonder Woman – on one side, a soft purple and white floral on the other.

DC Superheroines on one side in bubblegum pink, black glittered fabric on the other.
Harry Potter houses done stained glass style, and purple and green batik on the other side.

Abstract starburst/floral in blue and turquoise on one side, with a romantic old-fashioned looking floral on white on the other.
For the dog lover: Black and white sketched dog heads on one side, red-white-and-blue bones on aqua on the other. Woof!

Disney Princesses, sketch-style, in shades of grey and magenta on one side, and glittery black on the other.
Brown and red batik on one side, antique-style maps on the other.

Sugar skulls to celebrate Día de Muertos on one side, golden yellow and green batik on the other.
It’s the cat’s meow! Pink, yellow and blue kitties perch on a deep purple-blue background. The reverse is a soft pink floral. Purrfect for a fun-loving cat person!

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Red, white, and blue bones on an aqua background opposite turquoise and brown batik.
Monochrome blue batik sits opposite the sisters from Frozen. Technically Elsa and Anna are celebrating Christmas on this fabric, but it’s subtle.

Vintage Star Wars comics are featured on one side of this headband, and a fiery orange batik on the other.
My Little Pony with a blue-violet background, opposite a rich orange batik on the other side.

Pikachu and Pokéballs against a royal blue background make a very playful side to the more sedate black plaid on the other… but even it has a metallic silver stripe!
Mid-Century Modern inspired graphics in shades of purple are featured on one side, while the other is swirling stripes of blues and greens.

Traditional Christmas balls in not-so traditional colors, against a royal blue background. The opposite side features corkscrews in burgundy and peach on a parchment background.
Playful green and turquoise floral sits opposite a batik in tones of rich jade and turquoise.

Disney’s Frozen print on light magenta – there’s a few small poinsettias, this is technically a holiday print, opposite turquoise batik.
Dramatic charcoal batik sits opposite a subtle white on white floral print.
“Sketchy” Disney villainesses in shades of pink and grey opposite a subtle abstract red print.
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DC Superheroines in pinks and purples, opposite a purple and white floral.
“Bring me her heart!” The Evil Queen looms against a clouded cherry background, among other villainesses. Opposite is a monochromatic purple batik.
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Cheery yellow and orange zigzags sit opposite a red and white floral that has an old-fashioned look.
Pale blue and lavender floral with Batgirl’s sigil front and center. Opposite is a blue on blue formal-appearing floral.
Purple and green batik on one side, with the reverse solid green with a small and subtle print that is a bit reminiscent of grass.
Accented in black and white against a magenta and purple background, Cruella will mock everyone around you – if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will! Opposite is a bed of cheery yellow sunflowers.
Black and red paisley swirl elegantly on one side of this headband, while on the other, lie mathematical equations and coordinates in white on grey.
Navy batik sits opposite crisp white on white floral.
Tiny orange butterflies dance over an orange background, and the opposite side is a very groovy floral reminiscent of the 60s/70s.
Maroon batik dots on one side, with a polyester Kente pattern on the other.
Wonder Woman against a red-violet background on one side, and a subtle red batik on the other.
Mossy green and brown batik faces this headband, and dramatic red Oriental poppies on black are on the reverse.
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DC “Girl Power” in vibrant pastels on one side of this headband, and fun pink polka dots on the other.
Carnation pink floral print on one side, vibrant orange and yellow zigzags on the other.
Dinosaur print in greens and browns on one side, brown and green batik on the other. We know they were just “really big chickens,” right? 😉
Aqua floral with the Supergirl sigil on one side, pink floral on the opposite.
Cruella sneers from a red-violet background, opposite a red and white polka dot pattern reminiscent of Rosie’s kerchief.
Aqua floral with Wonder Woman’s sigil, opposite a sweet pink floral with an old-fashioned feel.
White-on-white floral pattern, very subtle, opposite a monochrome blue batik.
Pink and purple zigzags on one side, red and white polka dots on the other.
Wonder Woman in shades of grey and yellow, opposite an intellectual math-themed print of white on grey.
Pink and lavender cats against a black background, opposite a pink-on-pink pattern of brushstroke roses.
“Sketchy” Disney Princesses in shades of pink and grey, opposite a pink brushstroke roses pattern.
Harry Potter houses in “stained glass”, opposite a monochromatic blue batik.
Slinky pink and purple cats on a black background sit opposite a soft purple and white floral.
Pink, grey and black, with just hints of the villainesses on one side, grey math print on the other. I think of this one as “calculating b*tch.”
My Little Pony print on royal purple on one side, soft pink floral on the other.
Sweet cartoony mermaids on one side, with monochromatic purple batik on the other.
Blue Star of David Hanukkah print on one side, opposite glittery grey polka dots.
Cheery floral on a brown background on one side, green overlapping rounded squares on the other – almost MCM.
Tropical flamingos grace one side, while a pretty pink floral blooms on the other.
Very subtle tone-on-tone white batik on one side, bright yellow floral on the other.
Images from vintage Star Wars comics fill one side of this headband, while the other is a monochromatic purple batik.
Wonder Woman and vibrant colors, opposite rich purple batik.
Fun green and brown dinosaur print on one side, batik in similar colors on the other.
Disney’s Evil Queen and other villainesses against a red-violet background, with a Hawaiian floral in pink and lavender on the opposite.
Golden yellow and green batik have a warm glow that hints at the color on the opposite side – sunflowers in bright yellow and orange, with green accents.
DC Heroines on one side, accented with candy pink, black and red paisley on the opposite.
Polyester Kente print fabric on one side, grassy green paisley on the other.
Disney villainesses in shades of purple, magenta and black, opposite glittery pink and grey polka dots on black.
For the oenophile – burgundy and peach corkscrews on a parchment background, opposite a rich red and brown batik.
This soft pink floral sits opposite a glowing orange batik.
Not your usual Christmas colors: orange, pink, lime, and aqua, on a deep blue background. It’s opposite a pink-on-pink brushstroke roses pattern.
Maleficent in grey and black, with accents of blue and purple, opposite navy batik.
Red paisley, reminiscent of a handkerchief, opposite a playful red, white and blue fireworks print.
Pikachu and Pokéballs on a royal blue background sit brightly opposite the more subdued charcoal batik.
Playful mermaids in cool tones smile cheerily out from an aqua background, opposite a coordinating orange batik.
Marvel’s Avengers stare fiercely from a white and grey background, opposite metallic gold and black.
Cartoony unicorns in lilac and blue frolic on a blue background, opposite kitties in blue, pink and yellow. Growing old is inevitable for most of us; growing up is optional.
Black plaid, with a subtle silver metallic stripe and a red accent, opposite charcoal batik.
Black and red paisley opposite black and white dog faces on a black background.

Rainbow Set
This reversible headband is silver/white on one side and charcoal batik on the other. It comes with seven deluxe satin flowers: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Everything comes with the colorful storage ribbon (the ring is large enough to hang from a doorknob) to keep your collection organized, free! You’ll have a headband to go with nearly every outfit and mood! $49.99

Holiday Set of 4 Headbands
New Year’s (silver/gold stars and dots that look like Champagne fizz), Valentine’s Day (hearts), St. Patrick’s Day (dog print with St. Paddy theme), Easter (eggs and dots), Independence Day (fireworks), Halloween (jack o’lanterns), Thanksgiving (harvest corn and pumpkins) and Christmas (small print reminiscent of ribbon candy). Flowers coordinate with at least two of the headbands; each holiday has a flower that can be worn with it (or not). Buy the set and it’s like getting one free! $59.99

Please note: I fully recognize that some of the holidays skew Christian. If there are requests for other holidays, I can (probably) accommodate.
New Years, Xmas, 4th, Easter

Valentines, T-giving, Halloween, St Pat’s

Child Headbands

Many of the fabrics used in the smaller headbands are also used in the larger ones above.

A note on sizing: The difference between the adult and child sizes is fairly small. Stretched to the maximum (tightest around the head and not comfortable), the “child” size generally stretches to 22 inches (the size of the average adult woman’s head). The “adult” size generally stretches to 24 inches. Generally because these are all handmade, individually, and variations do occur. If you think sizing will be a problem for you, contact me, and I’ll see what I can do for you!

Child and adult side-by-side comparison

“Sketchy” Disney Princesses, and frolicking unicorns.
DC Heroines, and butterflies against a gingham print background.
Wizards and winged horses, and a swirling green and blue stripe.
Groovy orange and hot pink floral, and green paisley.
Wonder Woman, and pink and lavender Hawaiian floral.
Birthday cakes, and rainbow concentric rings.
Cheery flowers on brown, and green rounded squares.
Unicorns on a red-violet background, and bright yellow floral.
Vibrant pastel cats on a navy/purple background, and a formal blue floral.
Sugar skulls, and a bright groovy floral.
Cheery mermaids, and tiny orange butterflies.
DC heroines on a candy pink background, and blue abstract starbursts.
Pastel DC-themed heroine floral, and glittery pink butterflies.
Candy corn, and Christmas trees.
Tiny owls and dragons, and abstract blue starbursts.
Grey Disney villainesses, and glittery pink.
For kids in blended religious families: Christmas trees, and blue Hanukkah Stars of David.
Harvest pumpkins and corn, and candy corn.
“Sketchy” Disney Princesses, and purple Mid-Century Modern print.
My Little Pony, and bright yellow floral.
Vintage Star Wars comics, and purple Mid-Century Modern print.
Pokémon, and cheery smiling butterflies.
Unicorns on red-violet, and purple MCM print.
Pastel DC heroine-themed floral, and Disney villainesses in charcoal.
Glittery pink butterflies, and bright groovy floral.
Tiny wizards and owls, and a blue formal floral.
Bright sunflowers, and tiny orange butterflies.
Dinosaurs, and butterflies on gingham print.
Wonder Woman, and black and white dog faces.
Marvel’s Avengers, and black and white plaid.
Wonder Woman, and butterflies on golden yellow.
Sugar skulls, and grassy green floral.
Dinosaurs, and bright groovy floral.
Grass-green floral, and light blue dotted swiss.
Star of David Hanukkah print, and glittery grey dots.
Wonder Woman, and red-white-and-blue fireworks.
“Sketchy” Disney Princesses, and cupcakes.
Bright pastel kitties, and green and blue floral.
Disney’s Frozen (technically a Christmas theme, but the poinsettias are small), and unicorns.
Marvel’s Avengers, and bright floral on brown.
Cartoony mermaids, and bright floral print on brown.
Groovy bright floral, and black and white dog faces.
Harry Potter houses in “stained glass,” and bright yellow floral.

Child’s Holiday Set
A set of 4 headbands representing 8 holidays: Birthday (cupcakes), Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The flowers that come with the set coordinate with at least two of the headbands, so each holiday has a flower that can be worn with it (or not). Buy the set and it’s like getting one free! $59.99

As with the adult set, I do acknowledge that some of these holidays are Christian-exclusive. If I have requests for others, I will happily try to accommodate.
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Halloween, St Pat’s, T-giving, Valentines
4th, Easter, Xmas, Birthday